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Do law firms need digital marketing?


In a post-Covid-19 hyper-connected world, users are using the internet to research and purchase every service available, urging any ambitious business to adapt to digital marketing strategies. Law firms had to adjust how they reached their clients with the legal industry getting more and more competitive each day, even in some of the smallest of service areas.

Law firms can benefit from a digital marketing strategy for a number of reasons. A strong online presence offers the opportunity to connect with current customers and attract new ones. A law firm’s reach through online channels can go much further than traditional marketing forms – such as print, newspaper or radio ads, often limited to certain circumstances – and become much more targeted, allowing lawyers to reach the right users.

There are plenty of digital marketing techniques that you can use to build a strategy and market your legal services online. Establishing and nurturing a brand image online increases trust in your potential clients, which is the basis of any solicitor/client relationship. Search engine optimisation and pay-per-click advertisement are effective digital marketing tools to drive traffic to your website and increase your brand exposure. A strong SEO strategy allows your firm’s website to rank high in the search results and acquire new visitors. Investing in SEO is also beneficial to build sustainable growth for your firm and see long-term results. Paid advertisement (PPC) enables you to expand your audience while keeping control over how much money you want to spend. It is also easy to track and measure the effectiveness of your ads and promote specific services in pre-defined targets.

Social media is another powerful tool to reach your potential clients. The first step is choosing the platforms where your ideal audience is more active, which can range from Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or Instagram. Interacting with your followers on the right channels can help boost awareness of your law firm and engage your community. You can nurture your audience with engaging and relevant content while demonstrating your strengths and professional expertise. Social media live streams have also become a popular way to replace in-person events, which are essential in the legal field, allowing firms to foster connections with their target audience.

Content marketing is an excellent asset to show your legal expertise; it can be a blog post, a targeted web page, or social media. When researching your firm online, potential clients are looking for authenticity, which only genuine and informative content can deliver. Content marketing allows you to answer a potential client’s question by providing useful and knowledgeable information and positioning your law firm as an industry authority.

Our law firm digital marketing experts at Social Kite have been working with law firms for years, creating bespoke winning marketing plans based on their business needs. Are you interested in a digital marketing strategy for your law firm? Contact our team to learn more about how we can help your law firm attract more clients.



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