Grant for Nonprofit Advertising

The Google Ads Grant is available to support charities and non-profits of all sizes and help them reach their target audience, find new volunteers and increase the number of donations. As a registered charity in the UK, you will need to submit an Ad Grants eligibility application form showcasing how your organisation would benefit from this opportunity. 

Upon application approval, you will receive a monthly sum of £10,000 (£330 per day) which you can spend on Google Ads advertising. Non-profit organisations are required to create sample campaigns to show Google that they understand the workings of search advertising and have the competencies needed to launch engaging campaigns and avoid campaigns delays or rejections.

Our team of expert marketers at Social Kite can carry out the Google Ads Grant application process on your behalf in order to help your organisation get your pre-qualification procedure approved. Our deep industry expertise allows us to set up, track and optimise successful keyword-driven campaigns that respond directly to your charity marketing goals. 

We are advertising professionals with extensive experience helping businesses of all sizes growing and delivering results with PPC campaigns.

Do you run a non-profit organisation and would like to find out more on the Google Ads Grant and the advantages of search advertising? We want to hear from you! Get in touch with our team on

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