August 13, 2020
Conatural UK
Conatural UK Skincare

01. The Challenge & Solution


Conatural is a premium skin and hair care certified company dedicated to creating all-natural and certified organic products. They launched in the UK in 2018, offering a cruelty-free product range based on Ayurvedic and modern aromatherapy.

With the great number of beauty brands and incredibile amount of online content, Conatural found themselves trying to break into one of today’s most challenging and competitive industries. Our team at Social Kite was tasked with helping Conatural expanding into the UK market with the goal of generating brand awareness and acquiring new customers.

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02. Working Process

Our approach started with defining our audience and conducting valuable market research.

Then, we started targeting our audience on social media, creating a significant presence on the most popular social networking platforms. We were able to earn over 10k followers on Instagram, and build connections with some of the most sought-after beauty, skincare, and organic lifestyle influencers in the UK.

Once we connected with the right bloggers, influencers, and commercial partners, our team developed an affiliate marketing strategy to maximise organic traffic and drive high-quality backlinks.

We optimised paid search campaigns on Google Ads by improving the bidding strategy and maximising the performance. We ensured that both Conatural’s search and shopping ads drove brand awareness and showed with the appropriate search queries.

We also found that email marketing could help Conatural promote their products and build an online community. Within just a couple of years, we built an extensive mailing list offering exclusive and interactive content through our weekly newsletter.

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03. Perfect Result

The results have gone above and beyond our expectations. Within a short period of time, we helped Conatural UK boost their ROI, achieving a conversation rate significantly higher than the industry standards.

The email marketing effort gave excellent results. The mailing list surpassed 5,000 subscribers and reached an average open rate of 20-25%.

Through organic and paid campaigns, the efforts of our team drove a return customer rate of over 30%. According to Shopify data, Conatural’s website traffic positioned in the top 3% of stores that launched the same week as us.